Our Purpose

We are 'Solving Motivation'® to create a world worth working in.  

What we do

We help our clients apply The Purpose Principle ® to create the world's most powerful competitive advantage 

How we do it

We make unlocking and activating purpose easy by applying our 5R's 'Purpose to Transformation' model 

Purpose: Measurable benefits


Where employees experience purpose at work they are 100% more likely to stay, 70% more satisfied in their role and 56% more engaged (Harvard)


80% of business leaders state that a clear purpose helps increase customer loyalty, yet only 34% say their organisation is using  purpose strategically (Harvard & PwC)


From 1993- 2013 Purpose led  companies outperformed the S&P 500 by a multiple of 14 X and 'Good to Great companies' by a multiple of 6x (Prof Raj Sisodia)

Want to find your Purpose?

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Services: Making purpose easy®

The Purpose Principle®

We EDUCATE boards and leadership teams on how to turn purpose into high-performance & profit.

Purpose by Design™

We co-create and DESIGN purpose statements that ignite passion, performance and growth for clients.

Purpose to Transformation™

We COACH senior leaders on how to use purpose as a catalyst for transformation.

Leading 'ON' Purpose™

We TRAIN leaders and managers to turn purpose into high-performance at work

Speaking & Key Notes

We INSPIRE purposeful change using content from our book 'The Purpose Principle'® to inspire action. 

Measuring Impact

Return on Purpose (RoP)™

Our work is tailored to business need and we measure the impact of our work using two proprietary methodologies;

PLQ - Purposeful Leader Quotient ™

Measuring a leaders propensity to lead with purpose and authenticity 

PsQ - Pro-Social Impact Quotient ™

We measure levels of purpose, courage, authenticity & giving present in a business or workplace.  

What people say about us

'Jamie has transformed MediaCom Canada'

Rob Norman, Chairman, GroupM North America

Changed how I live my life, build my company and run our business'

Brenan McEachran, CEO, SOAPBOX

'An expert at balancing the creativity and commercialism required to build brands and companies

Claire Walters, Marketing Services, Mondelez International

'One of the few individuals who understands how to foster creativity and coach it our of people'

Robert Rakowitz, Director Global Media, Mars Wrigley

'Coaching from Jamie has translated into phenomenal growth and countless improvements in my business

Simon Papineau, Founder, Crowdsource Testing

'Stewarded me on a journey to unearth my core purpose and open up a new world of possibilities'

Stephen Cornish, Executive Director, Doctors without Borders

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