Our purpose: Solving Engagement® to help create a world worth working in.

We ignite massive transformative purpose in leaders and companies with simplicity speed and scale

Jamie Edwards, Purpose Maker

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We show how to use purpose to ignite performance and growth

Co-Creative Consulting

We help businesses  uncover their 'Massive Transformative Purpose'


We help leaders use purpose as a catalyst for peak-performance.


'An absolute game changer'

Thibaud Durand, Founding Partner, Boardkeeper

'Changed how I build my company and run our business'

Brennan McEachran, CEO SoapBox

Made me rethink the basic fundamentals of success'

Winston Zahra, CEO, GG Hospitality Group

'Translated into phenomenal growth and countless improvements in our business'

Simon Papineau, CEO, Crowdsource Testing

'Innovative, impactful and actionable'

Riccardo Segat, CEO, Amplio Group

An absolute must for any leader looking to grow their business and motivate their teams'

Amar Chanari, CEO, Social Good Ventures